Nividia GTX 1080 Graphics Card Review


Photo Credit: Manifest Interactive, “geforce_gtx_fe_18,” photo.

The GTX 1080 is the new top of the line, flagship graphics card (at the time of this article) offered by Nividia with its primary use for gaming. This beast of a card blows most of its opponents out of the water, including the Titan X, with its price range coming in at around the $650 this card is enthusiast grade for people trying to get the best performance available and at half the cost of previous generation cards.

The GTX 1080 is running Nividia’s latest Pascel architecture which is the driving force for this cards striking speed, relatively cool temperatures, and power efficiency.  Now most people do not have the dough required for this card, but if you do, it is highly recommended as this card has a whopping 8 GB GDDR5X Ram and a memory speed of 10 Gbps. This is twice as much memory as the Maxwell based GTX 980 and has a transistor Count of 7.2 Billion, which is 2 Billion more than last year’s flagship card.  On top of that it has a 500MHz increase Core Clock speed of 1607MHz and only consuming 15 Watts more power at 180W TDP.  Every part of this card is a full upgraded to the 980.

The 1080 also has a sister card- a slightly less powerful cheaper card- for people who are not willing to dish out $600+. The 1070 came out along with the 1080 and barely out performs the 980.  The 1070 can outperform the 980 mostly because of its new GPU architecture that it has in common with the 1080, as well as being cheaper than the 980 and runs more efficiently.  The individual benchmarks are very similar for both cards, but the 1070 has a significant lead in spatter tests, which tests the GPU’s ability to render hordes of objects.  This is very applicable in the gaming community because many games have some sort of platter effect; it can be artificial intelligence in Skyrim, or lots of little alien spaceships in Galaga.  This also has a significant effect when it comes to rendering particle effects seen on screen that gives the illusion of wind or the finer details in the trees when they sway all put load on the splatter ability of a graphics card and is why the 1070 is so much better for the everyday gamer besides the price gap.

The difference between the 1080 and the 1070 is that the 1070 has 25% of its die disabled this is why it is cheaper than the 1080, however, this does not relate to a 25% difference in performance it is closer to a 16% difference and very hard to notice for the everyday user who is not staring at the FPS counter at the top of the screen. Most Importantly both cards can handle just about any current game on ultra-settings on a 1080p monitor and average 60+ FPS, higher than human eyes can notice.

Both Cards have a new feature that is soon to be taken advantage of in new games. These cards have increased efficiency in rendering 360 degree images for virtual reality headset.  This new ability of the graphics card will allow the further immersion of the gamer in the game, something that has been slowly progressing over the last few years might have taken a new leap into integrating the gamer. One step closer to the full immersion between reality and game.

My opinion for people who can afford the 1080 is to wait a month, no more, and buy this card when ASUS and other companies get their hands on it and its price goes down. If you are looking for a slightly smaller upgrade for two thirds the cost. The 1070 is sure to not disappoint anytime soon.  In the near future is a really great time to buy sense they have moved to smaller 16nm nodes.  In other words, I suspect they will not have as big of a performance increase in the following generations to come, so now is a good time to upgrade.image


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