Exploding Note 7

The Explosive Note 7


Photo Credit: Aanand Madav

Unlike the title suggests this is not about some new military technology. This is about the new Galaxy Note 7 Phones that have been known to catch on fire while charging. This is due to a battery defect and the phones where being replaced until they started blowing up as well. The phone now is in full recall and Samsung has not made it clear whether or not they will be refunding the money.  This is not only a huge loss for the consumer but also for Samsung as their flagship device is not only not selling, but being recalled around the world.

The Phones are exploding when there is a puncture in the thin plastic separating the poles of the battery. When this happens it causes the Lithium battery to short and then explode or catch on fire depending how fast the reaction occurs.  Apparently only .01% of the phones are affected by this flaw. However, Samsung is not willing to take that risk and recalled all phones and handed out fixed phones in return or at least they said they were until the replacement phones started exploding as well and now Samsung has recalled all the phones with no hope for a new one.  Carriers have stopped distributing the phone and are giving costumers new phones entirely.  Samsung has switched the manufacturer of their battery to the same factory as their rival Apple.

Samsung has switched the manufacturer of their battery to the same factory as their rival Apple because the factory did not properly make the phone or the design of the phone may have been naturally flawed, but just in case Samsung has decided to change manufacturers. I believe since the replacements are exploding as well it is a design flaw and completely the manufactures fault.


 Photo Credit: Răzvan Băltărețu

This could not have come at a worse time for Samsung as apple has just released the new IPhone 7 and google has come out with the new pixel.  The competition has been stepping up against Samsung and they were relying on this phone to increase sales.  Apple’s stock increased by a few points the same day Samsung announced full recall of their phones; however, this is not the end for Samsung they are competitive in many markets within electronics not just phones but a range from refrigerators to TVs.  Samsung sells and produces many different electronic devices and will still be competitive after this set notable back.

The Note 7 was suspected to be one of the best of its kind, but sadly they tried to get to much at of such a small device and given the right environment, extra strain and the extra small size causes the phone to catch fire or possibly explode.  No matter how good this phone is or what its new features are, it can never compete with any other because of this crucial flaw in the phone’s design.



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Photo Credit:

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