Is AMD Back?

AMD has recently released their brand new line of processors using the new Zen architecture. Still focusing thread count over single core speed like the earlier Bull Dozer FX series; however, AMD still successfully dropped a very competitive CPU line with a competitive price tag to accompany it.

The flagship CPU is AMD’s Ryzen 1800x packing eight cores with 16 threads and a base clock of 3.6 GHz and turbo of 4.0 GHz. The 1800x not only competes with Intel’s recent i7-6800k it outperforms the i7-6800k. Granted, the 1800x has 16 threads vs the 12 threads of i7-6800k and the 1800x is currently more expensive by around 100~ dollars. The price increase is expected because the AMD has just released this product and is trying to capture some of what used to be a completely Intel dominated enthusiast market.  I suspect given some time the price will drop closer to the price of the 6800k.

AMD is notorious for creating cheap CPU’s that meet all the basic requirements but never seem to reach their full potential as their Intel counterpart. This year is the first time in the last two years that AMD is actually able to compete with Intel and the new Zen architecture is just the first wave.  They will soon be releasing their new graphics line up the AMD Vega. The only downside is that Intel is suspected to drop their new 1080ti around the same time to steal the enthusiasts market as very early benchmarks suggest that the 1080ti is slightly faster. This means that AMD might not be seeing the enthusiast market just yet but still holds much of the console industry.

The future of AMD is so important because of what may possibly follow the 1800x.  Intel has already dropped their i7-6800k and i7-7700k before or very close to AMD’s release of the 1800x.  The 1800x was also released very late with many delays suggesting there might not be a follow-up processor soon. The bad news is that the 1800x might not drop the price as quickly because of the lack of a predecessor. The good news is that because of how competitive the CPU market is with the release of the new i7-7000 series and the AMD Ryzen chips the price of the 6800k has dropped.

The most important part of this chip as I have mentioned above is its more competitive performance compared to AMD’s previous chips. Yet I have shown very little proof of this so here are some comparisons to other Intel chips. Unfortunately, I do not own the individual chip so here are a few links to benchmarks comparing the two. The graph doesn’t show that the AMD CPU runs about 20 degrees hotter under load than the second hottest 7700k, but this varies a lot based on the cooler and frequency so I left it out.

AMD Ryzen Graph,4951-9.htmls


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